How to Visit Lisbon with Kids

With its hilltop castle, rattling trams, stellar animal attractions, and a wide river flowing out to some seriously pretty beaches, the Portuguese capital is one of Europe’s best destinations for families. It’s famously one of the continent’s sunniest cities, but cooling breezes from the river stop things from getting too hot in the summer, and a wealth of kid-friendly indoor activities mean there’s plenty to keep kids busy even if the weather doesn’t play ball. Lisbon is surprisingly affordable, too—this is one city where you won’t have to worry about the price of the delicious ice creams and wines that can be found on virtually every block. In the summer, adventurous young eaters can munch on snails, Lisboetas’ favorite snack. Be sure to order a ginjinha (cherry liqueur) in a chocolate cup; ask nicely and you can usually get the choco cups, sans booze, for younger members of the party.—Lucy Bryson

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