A 7-Day Road Trip Through Switzerland

With its serpentine roads and mountain passes, the Swiss Alps are a dream for road trippers. Thanks to its small size and proximity between villages, it’s feasible to see much of the Swiss Alps (and several neighboring countries) in a week. Setting off from Zurich, our course forms a clockwise circle to St. Moritz–Locarno–Zermatt–Lauterbrunnen–Gstaad. Brief sections along the border dip into Italy, offering a taste of la bella vita. Each day averages three hours of driving time, with stops at village cafés along the way. Although the whole trip can be done in a week, if time permits, allot two days in each destination to allow for side trips, exploration, or better yet, some R&R. If you’re tight on vacation time, yet longing for adventure in your getaway, we’ve created the perfect itinerary to get your motor revving. Marlise Kast-Myers

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