George Lucas Unveils Designs for Narrative Art Museum


The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art promises an exploration of how visual art tells a story, from the paintings of Edgar Degas to the animated films of Pixar. Where the museum’s collection will be ultimately housed is still a matter that’s up in the air. George Lucas is currently courting both San Francisco and Los Angeles with proposals that include architectural designs for the future museum.

Both of the designs, which show what the museum would look like in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park and in San Francisco Bay’s Treasure Island, depict sleek and futuristic structures that will be home to a myriad of objects. The majority of the museum’s planned exhibitions will come from Lucas’ personal collection, which includes work by Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, and R. Crumb, as well as costumes and objects from a number of films including “The Ten Commandments” and, naturally, “Star Wars.” San Francisco Chronicle art critic Charles Desmarais said that Lucas’ items “may just be the core of a great museum.”

exposition park

Depending on where the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is eventually established, plan your trip with the Los Angeles Travel Guide or the San Francisco Travel Guide.

For more on this story visit the Los Angeles Times.

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